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Hovid Group's pharmaceutical division manufactures and markets more than 350 different types of Ethical Drugs, Health and Dietary Supplements. Hovid's product categories are divided into Pharmaceutical Ethical, Dietary Supplements and Consumer Products.

Hovid's manufacturing facilities and practices in respect of its pharmaceutical products conform to the PIC/S' GMP and Good Laboratory Practice Standards. Hovid's strength lies in its Research & Development and Export Market which extends to 50 countries around the world. Hovid also prides itself of being the first to introduce Malaysian generic drugs overseas since 30 years ago, starting from South East Asia. It has successfully secured more than 1200 marketing authorizations worldwide.

Hovid Group's range of principal products and activities include:

- Special Drug Delivery Systems, such as Modified Release Formulations and Bio-Availability Enhanced Formulations;

- Ethical Products, including Anti-Biotics, Anti-Diabetics, Anti-Hypertensives, Anti-Malarial and Anti-Inflammatory Analgesics;

- Dietary Supplements;

- Consumer Products; and

- The commercial extraction of Palm Tocotrienol Complex, Mixed Carotenoid Complex and Phytosterols from palm fruits.

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